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Managing the academic enterprise

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Learn to Implement Sustainable Practices

Throughout this course, you’ll explore how to leverage data and best practices to optimize your academic operations. Additionally, you’ll hear from subject matter experts with significant industry and higher education leadership experience as they walk you through navigating changes to better manage your academic enterprise.

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Mangaging the Academic Enterprise Framework-2



Explore the Planning Framework

Ready to foster collaboration and robust discussions in a virtual landscape? Enroll in this four-week course. You'll interact with fellow industry leaders, receive feedback and guidance on course concepts, and engage in active dialogue with those ready to make a change in higher education. We’re excited to have you join the discussion!




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What can you expect?


Design strategies for effective and responsible stewardship of academic resources


How to articulate the relationship between the academic course schedule and schedule refinement, curriculum design and pathways, degree velocity, enrollment health, financial health, infrastructure, and instructional capacity


Create a change management plan to ensure successful implementation of your student success initiatives


The ability to identify opportunities to optimize academic operations 


How to use data to develop goals, strategies, and tactics to improve student success, enrollment health, and financial health 


Strategies to increase sustainability using cost-quality equations to drive decisions 

Format Perk: This course is asynchronous with one synchronous class per week for four weeks to allow for real-time collaboration.

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