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Revisiting the Key Themes from ASPIRE23

Wednesday November, 29th | 2 pm - 3pm ET

Tuesday December, 5th | 2 pm - 3 pm & 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm ET

Thursday December, 14th | 2 pm - 3pm ET

ASPIRE Encore Registration is Still Open

We are thrilled to announce an abbreviated reprise of our annual ASPIRE23 in-person conference in a brand-new, dynamic format - ASPIRE Encore! If you missed out on the excitement of ASPIRE23, or were you there and eager to dive back into its enlightening content, you’ll get a chance to relive the magic.


ASPIRE Encore is a three-part webinar series that brings the very best of ASPIRE23 to your screens, giving you the opportunity to experience the energy and insights once again. We've condensed the most impactful sessions, thought-provoking discussions, and cutting-edge presentations into a series of engaging webinars.


Register to attend any of the remaining three sessions and watch the first session that was recorded on November 29th.


  • Exclusive Takeaways: Catch up on the most game-changing ideas and get access to valuable resources from ASPIRE23
  • Expert Speakers: We've lined up an exceptional roster of experts and power users who will ignite your curiosity
  • Peer-to-Peer Connections: Connect with fellow Ad Astra users from around North America, creating a vibrant and diverse learning community

Remaining Agenda

Strategic Reporting & Data

Agenda (2pm - 3pm ET):

    • Avoid the Cancellation Cave-In: Practical strategies for using reporting and registration trends to right-size the schedule – Jim Lynch, Mohawk Valley CC

      Learn how Mohawk Valley Community College uses Ad Astra reporting to estimate enrollment and minimize last-minute cancellations. See how the application of pathways and registration trends helped the institution predict what was needed to right size the schedule and minimize extraneous sections.

  • Build Your Toolkit: Using strategic reporting to maximize course scheduling – Christine Stewart and John Donovan 

    Strategic reports are the foundation for making solid, data-backed decisions. Discover how using the dashboards and reports in the Ad Astra Report App can assist with strategic course scheduling decisions that support student success.

Event Requesting, Scheduling and Invoicing 

Agenda (3:30pm - 4:30pm ET)

Event Requesting & Public Calendars, Registrations & Invoicing – Maggie Roberts, Client Services Advisor, Ad Astra


  • Get introduced to new ways of managing event request forms and how to process requests in ways that will empower you for success. Learn how to streamline the event scheduling process. In this session, we’ll show you how to maximize reporting options to create exceptional results with less stress for everyone involved. Watch a demonstration of event publishing to public calendars and how to efficiently create, modify, and manage events on campus to streamline the registration process.

Monitoring Registration and Creating an Annual Schedule


  • Monitor is Life: Enhancing Strategic Scheduling and Enrollment Management with Ad Astra Monitor – Mary Tilley-Barnes, Collin College

    The path to achieving student-centered strategic enrollment management processes/practices can be filled with many twists and turns. Discover how Ad Astra's registration monitoring capabilities can reduce staff overwhelm, increase timely scheduling decisions, and boost accountability to improve communication among administrators at all levels.

  • Rethinking the Approach: How Lamar University transitioned to an annual schedule – David Short, Lamar University

    Discover how Lamar University teamed with Ad Astra to use registration monitoring, student demand forecasting, and program pathway management to transition the scheduling process from roll-forward to academic-year planning. Hear the challenges and how future-focused scheduling is changing the campus culture to become more collaborative and student-centric.

This event is sponsored by the Space Station.

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